What’s consumer research?

You don’t understand your audience by reading research reports, poring over demographics and analyzing preset stereotypes. You understand them by talking to them, living their lives, speaking to their friends, watching the shows they watch, reading the books they read, dining at the places they dine at. Research is not just about deconstructing human beings through numbers and graphs and reports - it’s all that and so much more.

It’s about understanding, it’s about letting go of your pre-conceived notions, it’s about empathy - it’s about realizing that they’re not your target - they’re people.

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    I absolutely agree with you. Not for a second did I want to say that strategists just read research reports and do...
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    This is manifestly confusing. You do all of these things. You live the life, talk to the people, MAKE the research, and...
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    Who are you? You’re not a strategist, that’s for sure.
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