This Wednesday, Marvel comics released All New Marvel Now #1 which featured the first super hero appearance of Kamala Khan, the new Ms Marvel who will be getting her own series next month. She is the first female Muslim character to receive her own series from either of the big companies, and…

This is amazing



#ITooAmHarvard is a project by Black students at Harvard to speak out about the racism that they experience in their daily lives as students. It will also be a play.

Pretty heartbreaking. These beautiful and bright students deserve so much better. Above I included some of the photographs (there’s many more) of Black women who are students there because I think it’s important to point out how racism is not only impacting Whites’ perception of their intelligence but also how White people approach their appearance as well, in gender-specific ways. This is heartbreaking to me albeit not surprising. The myth that working hard = happy payoff is a fairy tale. Racism is ubiquitous. 

I really wish them the best with their education and the ability to navigate these microaggressions and overt acts of racism. This stuff increases stereotype threat and impacts mental health and health which impacts performance. I want the best for them. Much love. 

Stereotype threat is more prevalent and more destructive than you think.

There is a definite place in the world for laser-focused expertise — strategy is not one of them. Richness in thinking comes from diversity of exposure. You don’t come up with interesting new connections if you only read about one thing over and over. That was the fundamental flaw of all industries that got disrupted by some new app.
Spoke to the great folks at GapJumpers for their series Where the Puck is Going…

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